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Industrial Site Imagery

We also offer the option of working along side your technical team. Providing your company with 4K quality video, pictures, 2D and 3D mapping and images. We provide a Radiometric thermal option. We work at the site with your team or we can livestream the video directly to your office. Providing an excellent, reliable, and faster procedure, while reducing costs and safety hazards for you and your team.  

Drone aerial image picture Halifax Nova Scotia
Aerial Inspections

Inspections are performed by a Professional Engineer using the latest UAV (Drone) technology to obtain and analyze data in a safer, faster, more cost effective and reliable way. Offering the option of thermal imagery, enhanced zoom and 4K quality videos and pictures. Every inspection is supported by a detailed report that will be approved by the engineer involved in the project.

Drone aerial industrial inspection Halifax Nova Scotia
Aerial Imagery


If you are interested in obtaining aerial videos or pictures of any industrial, commercial or residential sites, property developments, or anything else, we offer 4K quality imagery to fulfill your needs. We can provide you with images and videos and also have the option of live streaming it directly to your personal computer or mobile device. 

Drone aerial image picture Halifax Nova Scotia
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