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Drone aerial inspection Global Skeye Engineering Halifax Nova Scotia
Aerial thermal inspection Halifax
Drone aerial Global Skeye Engineering Halifax Nova Scotia
Aerial Inspections

Inspections are performed by a Professional Engineer using the latest UAV (Drone) technology to obtain and analyze data in a safer, faster, more cost effective and reliable way. Offering the option of thermal imagery, enhanced zoom and 4K quality videos and pictures. Every inspection is supported by a detailed report that will be approved by the engineer involved in the project.

Aerial Thermography

Thermal inspections are non destructive and non invasive. Thermal cameras detect infrared energy emitted, transmitted, and reflected by an object or a structure. Air leaks, wet spots and humidity, insulation deficiencies and other issues can be detected with this technology. Our FLIR cameras allow us to see temperatures specific to each pixel within the frame. This inspection is performed by a certified Aerial Thermographer, and as with all our inspections, is approved by a Professional Engineer. 


Aerial perspective is a great tool for surveying studies. We can obtain detailed information from any terrain, and accurate measurements for any application. Surveys can be performed in a fraction of the time and cost, compared to conventional methods.


Highly detailed maps of any area. In 2D or 3D, for any purpose. Civil projects, forestry, mining or any other industry. We can provide you with current and accurate images of your area of interest.

3D Modelling

For any structure, or any terrain. We can provide you with a very detailed and high quality model. It is ideal for industrial and commercial structures, but also can be completed for any private property.

Aerial Imagery


If you are interested in obtaining aerial videos or pictures of any industrial, commercial or residential sites, property developments, or anything else, we offer 4K quality imagery to fulfill your needs. We can provide you with images and videos and also have the option of live streaming it directly to your personal computer or mobile device. 

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